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Question   Katmai Bears
Absolutely beautiful ! Love so many! Also, love the fact that you identified most of our bears! You brought them so close to those of us who cannot go on such a majestic trip. I truly thank you and hope you continue to see so much beauty to all of us through your cameras lens. Thank you again!

- Donna Simi December 05, 2016

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Question   Beautiful shots Shanna!
Your pictures are incredible. I loved looking through all of them. I have to say, if these are common loons, I can't imagine what the non-common ones look like. You capture such beauty in all of your shots. I enjoyed seeing the world through your eyes!

- Janet Notti August 30, 2016

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Question   Hello
Shanna Lu, you have a beautiful website. You are a very talented photographer! The pictures of the Alaska and the Oregon Coast (my favorite places) are perfect!

- Randy Schultz August 09, 2010

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Question   WOW
I always knew I was related to a talented artist. When are we going to Churchill to photo polar bears?

- Berdell Akin June 27, 2010

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Question   New Pic's
Shan, You were right the new pictures are great, that little Loon is a cute, thanks

- Alice Rossman June 25, 2010

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Question   AWESOME
Shanna, what an exciting site. Your photography is just beautiful.

- Brad Boyer June 21, 2010

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Question   Great job
You did a great job, this is as great as your cards, Great job CUZ

- Alice Rossman June 11, 2010

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Question   breathtaking
Just wanted to holler out a "KUDOS" to your incredible photo-taking talents! And the best part of your were actually there personally to create them!! Here's to many, many more wonderful photos in your future.

- Carolyn Moran June 10, 2010

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Question   wonderful photo art
I hope you can add many more of your photos to the website soon.

When, where, how will we be able to purchase your photos ?

- Steve Levine June 06, 2010

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